Year 7 Classes

Welcome To P7!

Mrs D Graham - Primary 7

Welcome to P7!

As the oldest in the school we have lots to look forward to in our final year at Damhead.

In Primary 7 we study topics World War Two, Natural Disasters and Titanic.

We also work hard on Literacy and Numeracy and integrate ICT and outdoor learning when we can.

We also go swimming in P7 in term two, enjoy a residential trip later in the year and work hard to put on a show in the Spring term to entertain you all.

A highlight of our year is pairing up with our P1 buddies and helping them throughout their first year of school.

Watch out for us here, on Seesaw and on the school’s Facebook page for update on what we are getting up to.

Term 2 in P7!

We are going to have another busy term and I look forward to what lies ahead for us in P7. Remember to keep an eye out on Seesaw for information and updates as well as some photos of what we are getting up to.

In numeracy we will start the term with a large focus on the area of fractions before moving to the link between fractions, decimals and percentages. Throughout this topic we will learn how to add and subtract fractions, reduce fractions to the lowest form and convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions.  We will learn how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages, round 3 decimal place numbers and find percentages of numbers, particularly in relation to amounts of money.  In the area of shape and space we will learn how to measure angles with a protractor and use this understanding to accurately draw 2D shapes. We will also investigate how to find the area and perimeter of composite shapes, triangles and some irregular quadrilaterals.  In handling data we will learn how to draw line graphs and interpret these accurately.

This term in literacy we will focus on two pieces of structured writing with the first being narrative writing linked to our topic of natural disasters. We will focus on how to make story openings and endings interesting for the reader and how to accurately add speech marks to our writing. The next piece of writing we will look at is explanation writing which will again be linked to our topic work.  The children will learn about cause and effect through investigation of how and why volcanoes erupt.  They will then use this understanding to write their own pieces of explanation writing based on a topic of interest to them whilst adding interesting connectives and conjunctions.  Our novel study this term is on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom.  Through this we will look at the reading skills of inferring, concluding, evaluating and visualising as well as cause and effect and how to find and select information.  These reading strategies will also be developed through our guided reading sessions. We will also learn how to use apostrophes correctly for both contraction and possession.  Spellings will continue from our Sounds Write Spelling Scheme and reading from the AR library and guided reading sessions.

Our world around us topic this term is Natural Disasters during which we will learn about some of the worst disasters in history.  We will investigate why these natural disasters happen and through this learn about the structure of the earth and the earth’s surface.

We will also take part in swimming lessons this term. As well as all of that we are going to be very busy rehearsing and getting ready to perform for our P6/7 production of Mary Poppins. We are all very excited for you to see it!

Mrs Graham