Eco Schools

Welcome to Eco-Schools at Damhead Primary School!

At Damhead Primary School we are very lucky to have a dedicated Eco-Committee in school who work hard to look after the environment. The ave a dedicated Eco-Committee who is made up of children from P4-7 who are passionate about the world they live in and want to help to protect it.  We  meet regularly to discuss things such as recycling, litter, and waste. The Eco-Committee have lots of great ideas for helping the environment and they are responsible for sharing these with their classes and monitoring our progress throughout the year.

In September 2022 we began a partnership with Sustrans who encouraged us to think about how we travel. As part of our partnership P5, P6 and P7 children took part in a Level 1 National Standard Cycle Training. They learnt about bike safety, balancing skills and controlling a bike. As a whole school we took part in an Active Travel Challenge where we challenged ourselves to ‘travel smart’ over a period of two weeks. We made use of the school bus and car sharing to reduce the number of cars at school during pick up and drop off time. At home we also walked to the shop or to visit friends and family and some of us travelled on bikes or scooters! Over one hundred children in our school managed to complete ten ‘smart journeys’.

At Damhead we also take pride in our school grounds, our Eco-Committee are dedicated to keeping the school litter free. We regularly complete litter picks and have taken part in the Eco-Schools Less Litter Challenge. We monitored our school grounds and weighed how much litter we collected each week, we were very happy to win a prize from Eco-Schools NI for all of our hard work!

In June 2023 we were awarded our Green Flag! We worked very hard to receive this award and we are very proud of our achievement. The Green Flag shows that we have reached our target of making a noticeable difference to the environment as a whole school. We continue to work towards the UN Global Goals through our Eco-Schools work.