Year 4 Classes

Welcome to P4!

Miss K Morrison - Primary 4

Welcome to P4!  

My name is Miss Morrison and I’m the Primary 4 teacher.  In P4 we study many fun and exciting topics, these include: Myths, Legends and Ancient Greece, Pirates, Green Fingers and Journeys. We enjoy learning through our Literacy and Numeracy work, collaborating in groups on ICT tasks, learning outdoors and doing lots of experimenting and investigating.

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Follow our Term 2 below!

We have all had a great Christmas break and are back keen to learn, develop and have fun together!   We have another busy  term ahead and I hope you will keep you up-to-date with us through our regular Seesaw posts and school website.

Our new World Around Us topic this term is ‘Pirates’ and that will keep us busy finding out all about piracy- their culture and ways of life; what they eat, where they sleep and their jobs and hobbies. We will study pirate ships and all the different parts and how they are used and where pirates sailed. We will learn about famous pirates and talk about the differences between modern pirates and pirates from the past.

We will complete various writing activities linked to our topic to develop our writing skills; create a pirate CV, write a set of interview questions and answers, design a wanted poster, write a pirate diary, message in a bottle and writing various pirate poems. We will also be completing various pirate comprehensions and using all of the appropriate sentence structure rules to answer the questions correctly.

In Numeracy this term we will continue with addition and subtraction with exchanges to 1000. We will be doing subtraction with exchange and rounding to the nearest 10/100. We start our times tables and will be doing 2’s, 5’s & 10’s times tables and also looking at function machines and how they work. We will continue to work on money to £10, looking at how to make amounts and working out total amounts and change needed. We will develop an understanding of ½ turns, ¼ turns, and full turns, clockwise /anticlockwise, explore angle as a measure of turn and learn the language right/left/clockwise/anticlockwise to describe turns. We will learn the four compass directions; N, S, E, W and complete various activities that allow us to explore the position of the four compass points in relation to each other.  Finally, we will be learning about grid referencing. We will continue with time, learning 5 minute intervals and extending our understanding of analogue time to digital time.  We will be developing the language and concept of finding the ‘area’ of a shape and will measure areas using non standard units.

During Activity Based Learning we will be doing lots of constructing; creating pirate props and ships, lots of experimenting; seeing which materials float and sink to make the best ship and hunting for treasure; testing for magnetic/non-magnetic materials, creating pirate crafts, doing pirate role play and researching to find out all there is to know about pirates. Another highlight of this topic will be our Pirate party where P4 will dress up as Pirates, eat pirate-themed food and enjoy pirate hobbies like dancing the jig and singing. I have no doubt the children will really enjoy this topic!

Miss Morrison