School Ethos

School Ethos

Damhead Primary School is committed to the pursuit of excellence in a welcoming and caring environment. We seek high standards of achievement for our children both inside and outside the classroom, and high standards of professionalism from our staff.

At Damhead Primary School we are committed to developing an ethos where a safe, secure, happy and stimulating learning environment is provided.

We seek to promote Christian values as guiding principles for life and living. It is our desire to develop an ethos where each member of the school community is sensitive to and caring towards the needs of others.

We aim to support the development of our children and ourselves as individuals by promoting the following values:

Respect, Teamwork, Honesty, Compassion, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Responsibility and Empathy.

Our teachers are competent and committed to meeting the needs of all pupils. We aim to treat children as individuals to encourage them to maximise their potential and achieve success in all that they do.

Aims And Values

The aims and values in Damhead Primary School are to –

  • provide a safe, secure, happy and stimulating learning environment
  • provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their potential through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • to provide challenges appropriate to the child’s ability
  • help the children to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds
  • encourage children to self-evaluate and become reflective thinkers
  • encourage self-confidence and independence through praise and positive reinforcement
  • to reward success both inside and outside the classroom
  • promote positive attitudes and encourage respect for self, others and the environment
  • develop and promote an awareness of the social skills necessary to be a contributing member of the community both in and out of school
  • develop a healthy lifestyle and nurture a sense of responsibility in preparation for adulthood
  • foster good links between the school and the home and between the school and the wider community