Year 3 Classes

Welcome to P3!

Mrs A Radcliffe - Senior Leadership Team, Primary 3, Safeguarding Team

Mrs T Peden - Primary 2 & 3 Teacher

Welcome to P3!

P3 is a fun, hardworking class! We strive to develop each child’s independence, gifts and talents through lots of different learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We recognise and celebrate each child’s unique personality through our daily ‘Pupil of the Day’ in our PATHS programme.

Throughout the year, in our exciting topics, we find out all about our bodies and how we can keep healthy, we follow Paddington on his adventures looking at all the different kinds of animals he sees, we explore space and we study all sorts of mini-beasts.

We build on literacy work aiming to have confident readers and writers benefitting from phonic knowledge gained through our Sounds Write programme.

We enjoy a practical, ‘hands on’ approach in numeracy encouraging the boys and girls to think for themselves, challenge themselves and problem solve.

Throughout the year the class have lots of opportunities to use ICT to help with learning: using the Reading Eggs and Mathletics apps for homework; exploring with Spheros and Beebots in play; becoming familiar with green screen, animation and film making tools; using iPads to extend and consolidate learning.

In P3 the boys and girls are at the centre of everything we do!

Welcome to Term 2 in P3!

We have finished a busy first term and the children have all settled in brilliantly to the new routines throughout the class. We have another packed term ahead in the run up to Christmas with lots of fun learning experiences, so keep up to date with what we are doing via Seesaw and the website.

This term we will follow on with our topic ‘That’s Life’ where we will find out about the different things we need to do to keep healthy such as eating well, washing our hands, taking exercise and looking after your teeth. We will also look where different food comes from, how shopping has changed from long ago and think about those who have little or no food.

In literacy we will be continuing to work on our phonics through our spellings and instructional writing- writing instructions for making pizza and cress heads. We will also find out about using adjectives to improve our writing.

In Numeracy we will be looking at numbers up to 100, learning all about place value, practising finding odd and even numbers and completing lots of fun activities using 2D shapes.

We have Anti-Bullying Week in November kicking off with ‘BLUE Day’ (Be Loving and Understanding to Everyone) and lots of helpful activities to help the pupils to realise if everyone used ‘One Kind Word’ it would make the world a happier place to live in. We will continue with PATHS looking at different feelings and how we use self-control when we get angry. We will also learn how to solve problems which may occur in our school/home life.

Even though this year P1-3 cannot put on the same Christmas Show as we usually do, we intend to create our own P3 class Christmas show which we will share with everyone via Seesaw. We will be doing lots of rehearsing and hope you will enjoy our production just the same.

As always, if you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact either Mrs Peden or myself via Seesaw or through the school office.

Thank you

Mrs Radcliffe & Mrs Peden