Year 6 Classes

Welcome to P6!

Miss S Dale - Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6!

We have been really excited to be back at school and settled into our second term in P6. We are almost the oldest in the school and have become great role models for the younger children. We are preparing for a busy term and are ready for the challenges ahead.

Our World Around Us topic for this term is ‘The Vikings’.  We will be studying Viking crafts, where the Vikings came from and Viking raids. We will even be building our own Viking Longships! This is a really exciting topic with plenty of hands-on activities to enjoy. Keep updated with us on Seesaw as we share our Viking facts and photographs.

In Literacy we will be studying newspaper reports and using our Viking knowledge, we are getting ready to become reporters and write about a Viking raid. We have also just started reading our class novel ‘Carrie’s War’ where we will find out about children during the war, specifically evacuee children.

In numeracy we have been working hard revising our place value and number facts through mental maths. We will be using our RUCSAC method to solve a range of different mathematical problems. We have been trying our very best to learn all of our times tables and using lots of different games to help with faster recall. In P6 we will also be revising topics such as; compass points, money and probability.

We are also very lucky to be taking part in a 6-week badminton programme with Ulster Badmintion! We have really enjoyed our introductory session and have already learnt how to hold the racket and serve using a shuttlecock.

I will keep you updated on our learning journey through Seesaw but if you have any concerns, please feel free to send me a message, give me a call or contact me by email,

Miss Dale