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Safeguarding & Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care


The Board of Governors and staff at Damhead Primary School through the school’s Pastoral Care Programme aim to create a happy, supportive, secure, stimulating and stable environment in which children can develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually to their full potential.

We have been entrusted with the care of all enrolled pupils at this school.Our responsibility for pastoral care extends to all activities and contexts which are part of school life both curricular and extra-curricular.

  • To create and sustain an environment in which our pupils feel safe, secure and are supported as they develop.
  • To develop positive relationships between staff and pupils and amongst the pupils themselves.
  • Through our procedures and organisation to encourage pupils to contribute positively to school life and to develop a strong sense of identity within our school family.
  • To set clear standards for discipline and to enforce these consistently for the good of all and in a way which is understood by the pupils.
  • To maintain,nurture and value partnership with parents and the wider community.
Roles And Responsibilities

The Principal is responsible as the representative of the Board of Governors for providing the resources, organisation and good communication which are necessary to promote a caring environment. However the key role in caring is performed by the classroom teachers. They are well placed on a day to day basis to monitor pupils and deal with issues which may arise.

Should a parent have any concerns about a child’s well-being, we would encourage them to make contact with us at school. Some difficulties which children experience can seem relatively unimportant to an adult; however we feel it is an essential part of our role that such issues are dealt with as matter of priority. We will endeavour to give appropriate time to each situation as it arises.