Year 5 Classes

Welcome to P5!

Mrs A Johnston - Primary 5

Welcome to P5!  

My name is Mrs Johnston and I’m the P5 teacher.  In P5 we study exciting topics such as 

  • Live & Kicking – we find out all about our bodies, how they work and how best to keep them healthy!
  • On Our Doorstep – we delve into the history or our own area and find out all about the earliest settlement in Ireland, Mountsandel, just down the road!  We even take a visit to see for ourselves!
  • Footprints to the Past – this topic is about about the Ancient Egyptians, how they lived, what they did when a king died, and how they built those Pyramids!
  • Eco-Warriors – as we all know, now more than ever, we must look after our planet.  We find out how to save the rainforests, stop littering and use sustainable energy.

We enjoy learning through our Literacy and Numeracy work, collaborating in groups on ICT tasks, learning outdoors when we can, and we go swimming every week, all year long!

Watch out for us here, on Seesaw and on the school’s Facebook page.  

Welcome to Term 2 in Primary 5!

We have a busy term ahead and hope you’ll keep up to date with us through our regular Seesaw posts.

We’re excited to be starting our new topic of ‘Footprints to the Past’. This is based on Ancient Egypt, and we have already started learning what life was like back then, 5000 years ago. We will be finding out how the amazing Pyramids were built, how to write like an Egyptian and what happened when a Pharaoh died! We’ll be building pyramids in Numeracy and mummifying tomatoes! Through digital story-telling, we’ll write instructions on how to mummify a Pharaoh. In Art, we’ll be using some messy plaster to make canopic jars, which the Ancient Egyptians used to put the Pharaoh’s internal organs into during the mummification process. We’ll be studying Tutankhamun and the amazing discovery of his tomb. All exciting stuff!

Watch this space for updates and photos!


Mrs Johnston