Year 1 Classes

Welcome to P1!

Mrs A Robinson - Primary 1

Welcome to P1!

We have been settling into the new routine of school life so well. Miss Brown, Miss Dobbin and Mrs Campbell have been so proud of how brave the children have been.

This term we will be learning through the theme, ‘A Time To Rhyme.’ The children will look at lots of popular nursery rhymes and complete activities around them. For example, they will make get well soon cards for Humpty Dumpty, paint Van Gogh’s ‘A starry night’ scene, role play in our nursery rhyme shop, investigate waterproof materials to make an umbrella to keep Incy Wincy Spider dry and so much more.

We are using the Jolly Phonics programme to help to learn our phonic sounds. We are focusing on the sounds s,a,t,i,p,n at the minute. We use paint, play dough, foam, slime and lots of other malleable resources to practise writing the sounds. Some of the children can even blend the sounds to make short words!

Within our Numeracy we are looking at the numbers 1-5. We have learnt handy rhymes to help to remember how to form the numbers.

We are so excited for all of the fun learning that we have to look forward to this term and we hope you are excited too!

Miss Brown, Miss Dobbin and Mrs Campbell