Year 1 Classes

Welcome to P1!

Mrs A Robinson - Primary 1

Welcome to a new term in P1!

What a fast year it has been in P1! We are in our final term and we are having a lot of fun with our ‘Animal crackers’ theme. We visited Rosepark Farm, we have looked at the journey of different farm produce and we are even having a visit from some local farmers, who are bringing some farm machinery for us to have a look at outside our school.

We have enjoyed learning all about farm animals, the jobs of the farmer and the machinery that they use. We have been acting out the role of the farmer in our farmyard role play area, and have been buying groceries in our farm shop!

Mrs Robinson is very proud of how we are able to add and subtract one from numbers within 10. We have been working very hard on this. We know all of the initial sounds in the alphabet and are fantastic and blending them together to form small words. We are working on writing our own sentences independently.

We continue to love playing outside each week and investigating.

Have a look at some photos below.

Mrs Robinson & Miss Dobbin


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